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Woot woot! We're so excited to scare with you!  Thank you for joining the Haunted Calgary Scream Team.  We're one big family and we hope you have a lot of fun with us. 

Each year, we will have updated dates and hours.  Please take a moment to tell us your availability for the year by clicking on "My Schedule" to the right.  We may not be open all of the dates and hours listed, as we will assess Scream Team availability and then try to use everyone's time as efficiently as possible.  We will confirm your assigned schedule in late September, and may adjust as needed throughout October.

Note:  You may have had some trouble registering.  HauntScheduler does not currently have the option for Canadian Provinces.  I think it's safe to assume that you live in Alberta if you're volunteering for Haunted Calgary, so just go ahead and put your dream US vacation destination instead.  Just make sure the rest of your address is correct.

Also, Haunt Scheduler forces a male/female binary on the form but Haunted Calgary is a very inclusive haunt and we have requested that they change that question.  In the meantime, we've added a preferred pronouns field.  I'm so sorry for any discomfort their question may cause.  

I can't wait to work with you and scare the pants off some people!  

Christine Campbell

Creative Director/HallowQueen

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